Bowed & Corner Concrete Wall or Foundation Repair in NY

If your home has bowed foundation walls, it’s important for you to fix them right away. These walls can crack and allow moisture, radon, and more to work their way into your basement if you’re not careful. They could also collapse before long if you don’t make it a point to repair them. Radon Zapper can help you do corner wall repair for foundation walls in New York using products like the trademark Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™. We’ve turned to Rhino products time and time again to repair and mitigate basement issues for homeowners.

Bowed Foundation Repair With Carbon Fiber Straps & Brackets

Bowed foundation walls will only get worse over time once they start to set in. The outside pressure that’s placed on the walls will continue to take a toll on them and lead to them cracking and bowing even more. Radon Zapper specializes in performing bowed foundation repair in New York and can stop your walls from getting damaged further through the use of a Rhino system that features a series of carbon fiber straps and brackets. It’ll prevent water and gases from leaking into your home and help keep your home structurally sound.

Corner Wall Foundation & Swimming Pool Repair – Carbon Fiber Straps & Epoxy Adhesive Injection

At Radon Zapper, we can help you manage more than just bowed foundation walls in New York. We also specialize in corner wall repair for foundations in addition to swimming pool repair. We utilize Rhino crack injection kits that include carbon fiber straps and epoxy adhesive injections to make repairs to foundation walls, concrete slabs, swimming pools, and more. You can stop walls, floors, and other concrete surfaces from leaking by allowing us to put Rhino products to the test.

Contact Radon Zapper at 845-467-1117 to learn more about the Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™ and the services we offer for those dealing with bowed walls and corner walls in New York.