Sub Slab Depressurization Services for Radon Mitigation in NY

If dangerously high radon levels are detected in a home, we typically employ a technique active sub-slab depressurization to remediate the issue. This technique uses a system of pipes and fans to remove radon gas from the home and vent it safely above the roofline where it can dissipate into the atmosphere.

Most Homes Can Be Fixed With Active Sub-slab Depressurization

There are several different ways to reduce Radon levels in homes, but most can be remediated using active sub-slab depressurization systems. With this method, we core a 5-inch hole in the concrete slab, insert a pipe in the hole and seal it up. Then, we run the pipe outside to a fan which sucks radon out of the home and discharges it above the roof line (this is a MUST).

In some cases, we can also run the pipe straight from the basement to the attic, where a fan is installed to vent radon gas through the roof. First, however, the basement slab must be completely sealed (including cracks, expansion joints, holes from plumbing pipes and sump pits). The home’s electric may need to be re-routed to the fan location as well. Sometimes, two or more pipes are required due to the size of the slab and the type of soil or aggregate underneath.

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Active Sub-Slab Depressurization – Interior & Exterior Diagram