Radon Mitigation & Remediation Solutions in NY

Sub-slab depressurization is the most common radon abatement technique we employ, but it’s not the only solution for radon-exposed homes. There are several other techniques we use to mitigate indoor radon levels as well.

Encapsulation & Crawl Space Mitigation

This technique is ideal for homes that have crawl spaces with dirt floors. Because dirt floors provide little or no protection from radon gas, it’s important to seal these spaces so that radon can’t get inside. In these cases, we can use a non-permeable plastic barrier to seal the foundation and prevent radon from building up in the crawl space.

Air Exchange Systems for Radon Mitigation

These systems are typically used to prevent radon gas from building up in basements. As their name implies, air exchange systems are designed to replace stagnant indoor air with fresh air from outside. This, in turn, prevents radon levels from reaching dangerously-high concentrations. These systems can be used effectively in both finished and unfinished basements.

Foundation Crack Repair & Sealing

Cracks in concrete foundations are some of the most common sources of radon gas leaks in homes. If foundation cracks are allowing radon gas to get inside your home, we can use the Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™ system to seal the cracks and prevent further damage to your foundation. You can learn more about this patented concrete repair and sealing technique here.

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