What Will be Done

Most homes can be fixed with Active Sub-slab Depressurization.

There are different ways to reduce Radon in certain homes; however most can be reduced using Active Sub-slab Depressurization Systems. With this method we core a 5 inch hole in the concrete slab, insert a pipe in the hole and seal it up. Then run the pipe outside to a fan to suck out the Radon and then pipe it above the roof line (this is a MUST). Another way is if there is access to run the pipe from the basement to the attic the fan could be placed in the attic and then vent through the roof. The basement slab would have to be completely sealed (cracks, expansion joints, holes from plumbing pipes and Sump pits). Electric needs to be run to the fan location. The Fan would then have to be sized to the application, both size of home and type of soil or aggregate under the slab. At times 2 or more Pipes are needed due to the size and material under the slab, or in some cases there is a footing separating 2 parts of the basement. Contact us to start the process of Radon Mitigation and Remediation in your home today.

Other Types

There are other types such as if you have a dirt floor in your basement or dirt floor in your crawlspace. This method would be similar in away however the entire floor and walls would need to be sealed, so the cost would be much more. But, like they say though EVERY house can be fixed.

There are even other methods for other types of homes as well as for removing Radon from Water.

Active Sub-slab Depressurization