Newburgh NY Radon Testing & Mitigation Company

Are you concerned that your home in Newburgh NY might have elevated levels of radon gas? For nearly two decades, Radon Zapper has specialized in providing radon reduction services to property owners throughout New York State. We can test your home for the presence of radon, and utilize radon mitigation techniques if necessary so that it won’t pose health risks to you and your family in the future.

Why get a Radon Test for Your Newburgh, New York Home?

An estimated 22,000 Americans die every year as a result of exposure to colorless, odorless radon gas. Radon is the No. 2 cause of lung cancer overall, and the No. 1 cause among those who don’t smoke. A radon test will confirm whether or not you and your family are being exposed to dangerously high levels of radon gas.

Radon Abatement, Mitigation & Remediation Systems/Solutions for Newburgh NY

If your home or business has elevated radon levels (4pCi/L or higher), Radon Zapper can install abatement, mitigation, and remediation systems that divert radon gas safely away from your home. In most cases, an active sub-slab depressurization system can be used to effectively reduce radon concentrations.

Encapsulation & Crawl Space Mitigation

Does your home have a crawl space with a dirt floor? In this situation, there may be nothing stopping radon gas from penetrating the soil beneath your home. Crawl space encapsulation and mitigation is designed to fix this issue by using a non-permeable plastic barrier to seal your home’s foundation and prevent radon from getting inside.

Air Exchange Systems for Radon Mitigation

Another approach we can use to reduce radon levels involves installing an air exchange system in your basement. These systems replace stagnant indoor air with fresh air from outside, thereby preventing radon from building up in the basement. These systems can be used in both finished and unfinished basements.

Concrete Crack Repair & Sealing in Newburgh NY

One way radon gets into many homes is through cracks in concrete foundations. That’s why we offer crack repair and sealing with Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™, which can prevent radon from penetrating concrete surfaces.

Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™ Applications

  • Foundations
  • Swimming Pools
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Poured Walls, Masonry
  • Concrete Block Foundations
  • Columns
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Bridges

Would you like to learn more about the all testing and mitigation services we offer at Radon Zapper? Call us at (845) 467-1117 today for additional information.