Concrete / Foundation Crack Repair for Radon Mitigation in NY

If you have carcinogenic radon gas in the soil beneath your home, cracks in a concrete foundation can allow the gas to get inside and put your family’s health at risk. For concrete crack repair in your Highland, NY home we use Concrete Crack Lock™ from Rhino Caron Fiber to stop radon gas from getting inside and prevent further damage to your foundation.

How do Foundation Cracks Form?

Although horizontal cracks in a foundation can be signs of serious structural issues, vertical cracks are far more common and far less dangerous. In fact, most homes will develop at least one vertical crack in their foundations in the first few years after construction. Vertical cracks occur because concrete is very strong under compression, but prone to cracking under tension. As a house settles, the resulting tension can cause these characteristic cracks to form in the foundation.

Although vertical cracks are typically not indicative of structural problems, they can allow moisture and radon gas to penetrate the foundation and get inside a home.

Carbon Fiber Staple Kits with High Strength Epoxy for Vertical Foundation Cracks

We use an effective, inexpensive tool called the Concrete Crack Lock™ to permanently repair vertical cracks in foundations. By repairing vertical cracks with the Concrete Crack Lock™ carbon fiber staples and high-strength epoxy paste, crack and foundation sealing prevent radon gas from entering your home.

Concrete Epoxy Injection for Crack Repair

The Rhino Carbon Fiber Concrete Crack Lock™ epoxy injection kit is designed to fill cracks in poured basement walls, structures and pools with an airtight resin that bonds at a higher strength than that of the concrete itself. This high-strength epoxy can also be used in conjunction with reinforcing carbon fiber staples to prevent additional cracks from developing in the future. We use this epoxy injection technique to prevent radon gas from penetrating poured concrete foundations. This product can be used to seal and repair cracks in a variety of concrete surfaces such as:

  • Foundations
  • Swimming Pools
  • Concrete Slabs
  • Poured Walls, Masonry
  • Concrete Block Foundations
  • Columns
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Bridges

Contact our contractors today for foundation and concrete crack repair & sealing, as well as radon mitigation in and around Highland, NY.