When You Should Get a Radon Inspection

A brick wall with the words "Radon" written on itRadon may not be something that you think about often, but it’s definitely something you should take seriously. The odorless, colorless, radioactive gas can be found in many homes and can cause lung cancer given enough exposure time.

When the uranium contained in rock and soil breaks down, radon is released. When this happens under the foundation of your home, the radon can slip through the cracks into your home. If left undetected, it can get trapped for years and eventually lead to lung cancer.

Luckily, there is readily available radon testing and inspection services and mitigation techniques if it is detected. The key, of course, is to detect it early. Here are the best times to have radon testing done in your home:


This doesn’t mean you have to get a new test done every time the weather changes. But it might be worth finding out if the radon levels in your home change at all between, say, winter and summer. The soil being wetter or drier could make a difference.

After Renovations

Certain home renovations could trigger a release of radon, particularly if the changes made are to your foundation, basement or HVAC system. If you’ve made major structural changes to your home, consider a radon test.

Moving into the Basement

It’s not uncommon for a teenager and adolescent to move into the basement of their parent’s home. It gives them more privacy and freedom, but it also exposes them to radon. If anyone is going to occupy the basement – or any floor that’s at least partially below ground – of your home, a radon test is the safe thing to do.

When You’re Buying or Selling a Home

During the standard inspection process involved in buying a home, you should also get radon testing done as early as possible. This will give you time to take action before moving in if there are elevated levels.

Every Two Years

The United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends getting a radon inspection done every two years at the very least. If it’s been two or more years since you’ve moved in and you haven’t done any major renovations, it’s time now to get that test done.

If you need radon testing done in your home, Radon Zapper is the place to call. We’ll be able to tell you quickly if you have unsafe levels of radon in your home. Help protect your family by calling 845-467-1117 today!

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