3 Summer Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in The Home

As the temperatures begin to rise, it’s the best time to stay alert for mold growth within your home. During the warm summer months, mold tends to grow more rapidly. That’s because most strains of mold need warm temperatures to grow.

More often than not, preventing mold takes some forethought. However, it’s never too late to start taking preventative measures to avoid mold development.How to Prevent Summer Mold Growth

Control Humidity in The Home

Because mold needs water to grow, the humidity in the air could be one of your biggest problems this summer. During the warmer months, moisture in the air is usually a lot higher than usual. Your home can already experience a lot of natural moisture buildup through cooking, showering, running kitchen appliances, and even just by breathing!

That’s why it’s important to help reduce the humidity in the air. Running your household fans can help remove moisture in the air. Some households may need to take it a step further and invest in a dehumidifier for areas where you notice excessive moisture buildup.

Be Cautious When It Rains

Often warm temperatures can lead to rainy days. When it rains, make sure that you close all your windows so that rain can’t enter your home. After it rains, make sure you address any problems that can lead to mold development. Check your carpets, walls, and windowsills for any water accumulation and dry it immediately.

Moderate House Temperatures

Mold thrives in both warm and wet climates. Because of the summer heat, many places within your home can reach very high temperatures. Once the mold is exposed to heat, humidity, and a food source, they begin to multiply quickly. Mold tends to start growing at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid rapid mold growth, try to make temperatures within the home low, even if you are away from home. Also, if you have an air conditioner turning it on can prevent additional growth.

If you already suspect that mold may be growing inside your home, let Radon Zapper provide you with the mold testing and mold remediation assessment services you need. The health complications caused by mold can be harmful to you and your family. Whether you want to do mold testing in a home that you’re buying, or you would like testing done on your own home give us a call at 845-467-1117!

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