Common Myths About Radon

You may know of radon because it is known to be a harmful health hazard, and is often found within your home or work. Since you can’t see, smell, or taste radon, it’s easy to ignore the risk it carries. That’s why it’s important to complete routine testing in your home and work. Here are some of the most common radon myths that often deter people from completing routine checks.Signs of Radon in the Home

If There is Radon In My Home, I’ll Be Able to Detect It.

Radon is often nicknamed a “silent killer.” That’s because the radioactive gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. Our senses cannot detect radon like they can other harmful gasses. We could be surrounded by this dangerous gas and not even recognize it. The only way to help determine if you are exposed to the radioactive gas is to have your home tested.

Radon Isn’t Dangerous

This statement is false. There is a strong link between radon and lung cancer. If you are exposed to radon gas, the body can absorb the radioactive material into the body. From there, the radon gas goes straight into your lungs. Once you’re exposed to radon, they can quickly damage lung cells, eventually leading to cancer.

If you’re a smoker, then the development of lung cancer can happen rapidly. If you aren’t willing to give up smoking, you should always be aware of radon levels in your house to avoid potential illnesses.

Radon Testing Is Too Expensive and Not Worth It

Testing for radon is relatively inexpensive and worth contacting an outside company, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. After a test is complete, radon mitigation often happens next. The process of radon mitigation is to try to keep radon gasses flowing through a pipe that leads to the outside, either through a chimney or wall vent. As soon as the radioactive gas reaches the outdoors, it’s no longer a hazard. The safety of you and your family shouldn’t have a price limit.

If you’re interested in testing your new or current home for radon, don’t hesitate to contact Radon Zapper. Our certified radon mitigation contractors can remove and prevent radon in your home. Give us a call today at 845-467-1117 with any questions!


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